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Welcome to Agape Spa, Warwick

Agape is the leader in skin care and anti-aging procedures.  Unlike anywhere else, Agape is dedicated to providing new and innovative anti-aging procedures all under one roof. Our procedures and treatments are proven and approved in the Medical Spa industry to rejuvenate your inner and outer self.

You want better skin but are confused as to where to start.  You keep buying products that don’t seem to work.  We recommend a Visia Skin Analysis be performed before your first visit, as the results of this analysis will provide the frame work for creating a personalized rejuvenation plan for you. All Visia consultations are free of charge, so what are you waiting for?  

Call us today at 737-SKIN for the path to a new younger-looking, more relaxed you!

We are now offering the following services:

Laser - Vein Reduction You can be free of leg veins, blue facial veins, venous lakes, and hemangiomas with the GentleLASE family of lasers.Our medical lasers provide safe and effective non-surgical treatment for the removal of spider veins, in a series of brief pulses, Light energy is delivered through a special hand piece to the targeted vein. The heat absorption causes a coagulation of the blood vessel, which is subsequently absorbed by your body.

Facial Veins $50.00- $300.00 Leg Veins $250.00- $500.00

May require between 1-3 treatments. Maintenance as needed.

Laser- Pigment Removal Rid yourself of melasma, cafe-au-lait, freckles, and solar lentigines with GentleLASE lasers.

Lasers have been used for many years for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures including treatment of facial and leg veins, age spots and rejuvenating the skin of the face.

Lasers offer a non-invasive way to erase, or lighten, those unwanted dark spots on the face or body due to aging and sun exposure. Freckles and age spots are the most common concerns, but some types of pigmented birthmarks respond well to lasers also.

Laser light treatment Enables removal of pigmented lesions with a low risk of scarring.

A non-invasive way to erase, or lighten, those unwanted dark spots on the face or body.

Price ranges from $50.00 - $300.00 and up by individual

Multiple treatments may be required.

Waxing You can wax almost anyplace where hair grows, and the results are smooth and long lasting.

Full Face $40.00

Upper Arm $20.00

Half Leg $40.00

Lower Arm $20.00

Full Legs $60.00

Back $50.00

Back & Top Arm $80.00

Upper Lip $10.00

Eyebrows $12.00

Lower Arm $20.00

Full Arm $40.00

Chest $40.00

Chest/ Upper Arm $60.00

Chin $10.00

Underarms $25.00

Bikini $35.00

Brazilian Bikini $60.00

Mineral Make-Up Come in for a full-face application and color match. With our highly pigmented formulation, a little goes a long way. Glo™minerals advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural highly-pigmented minerals and the power of antioxidants to create... Beauty with a Higher Purpose™ Application $25.00

Mineral Make-up Lesson Come in for a full-face application and color match. Our trained estheticians will teach you how to apply and use the make up for everyday and drama occasions.

With our highly pigmented formulation, a little goes a long way. Glo™ minerals advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural highly-pigmented minerals and the power of antioxidants to create... Beauty with a Higher Purpose™. Lesson $50.00

Areola Restoration $600.00

Scar Revision $300.00 hourly

Upper Liner $250.00 Lower Liner $250.00

Full Eye $400.00

Eye Brows $400.00 Lip Liner $450.00

Full Lips $600.00

Full Face $1,000.00

Each permanent make-up service includes a complimentary touch-up. 3 weeks after service.

Consultation VISIA™ Complexion Analysis A VISIA Complexion Analysis offers a highly effective visual analysis for patients interested in skin rejuvenation.

The system captures digital photos of the face and measures your skin’s wrinkles, evenness, pores and pigmentation. These features are then graded relative to others of the same sex, age and ethnicity.

VISIA also generates a printed report-which you can take home - that provides details of your imaging session. $75.00

Massage - Swedish A classical European massage technique utilizing therapeutic stroking and kneading of muscle tissue to promote stress relief. It is used to improve circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension, increase flexibility and induce relaxation. It combines three basic strokes to the skin: long, firm strokes; kneading strokes; and smallcircles. This full-body, moderate pressure treatment is the most requested and one of the most enjoyable massages.30 minute $45.00 60 minute $75.00 90 minute $105.00

Massage - Deep Tissue Techniques that utilize deep tissue/deep muscle massage are administered to affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. These techniques require more advanced training and a more thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. The muscles must be relaxed in order to effectively perform deep tissue massage, otherwise tight surface muscles prevent the practitioner from reaching deeper musculature. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis. It is generally integrated with other massage techniques.60 minute $85.00 90 minute $120.00

Massage - Pregnancy With so much extra stress on the body during pregnancy, our certified therapists will accommodate your changing body. Focusing gently on areas of discomfort, such as lower back, swollen ankles and joints, this massage helps decrease water retention and improves circulation. Even your baby will benefit from your relaxed state. This treatment is only appropriate for the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 30 minute $45.00 60 minute $75.00 90 minute $105.00

Massage - Sports If you’re an athlete, you’ve earned this. Great if you wish to improve your athletic performance, or for anyone who wishes to have the massage therapist concentrate on any problem area. Will improve your range of motion, stretch shortened tissues and promote a state of total well-being. 60 minute $85.00 90 minute $120.00

Massage - Hot Stone Originating as an ancient ritual from the South Pacific, this exquisite treatment involves the use of steaming, polished river rocks, rich in nourishing mineral content which are strategically placed on specific musculature and body areas. Your therapist enhances the experience with gentle strokes that will leave you feeling totally renewed, releasing any tension or pain and leaving the muscles feeling totally loose and “melted.” This treatment truly promotes a state of deep relaxation, and many of our clients are profoundly affected by this experience.90 minute $135.00

Foot Treatment - Reflexology Massage This dynamic, ancient healing art and science addresses the vital energy (ch'i) in the body. All of the many nerve endings in our bodies land in our poor, tired feet, and it is believed that each area of the foot correlates to a certain body part.  The focus is to stimulate and clear congestions in the meridians allowing the energy to flow freely so that the body can achieve a state of balance. This self-healing process is facilitated by specific acupressure and massage techniques being applied to the major reflex points and meridians on the feet. 30 minute $55.00

Unlike traditional liposuction, which uses a vacuum, SmartLipo uses laser lipolysis, which is a laser fiber aimed directly at the fat cells, where the light energy helps dissolve them and liquifies the fat. This process is less invasive than conventional suctioning and the procedure only requires local anesthesia. The recovery time is much faster and the results are permanent.

Fluff & Buff Package
Treatment Time 2.5 hours
Exfoliate, hydrate and soothe your face and body with treatments designed to bring out your inner glow.  Package includes:  Agape Facial with mini-microdermabrasion, fullbody Salt Glow with 30 minute Swedish Massage and gloMinerals make-up lesson and application $200

The Quick Pick-Me-Up Package
Treatment Time 2.5 hours
This package incorporates three of our most popular treatments to have you looking and feeling great in no time!  Package includes:  Agape Facial, 60 minute Swedish Massage and gloMinerals make-up lesson and application. $155

The Reprieve Classic Facial-This 60 minute facial uses our soothing green tea products & includes a thorough cleanse, steam, exfoliation, clinical extractions & a mask on the face as well as a massage of the face, neck, & shoulders & a hydrating hand treatment.

A Toasty Treat Package:
Treatment Time 3.0 hours
This package features three hours of toasty bliss and is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation!  Package includes:  Agape Facial, 90 minute Hot Stone Massage and gloMinerals make-up lesson and application. $215

A Glo-Minerals Make-Up Lesson & Application- The gloMinerals Make-up line uses advanced formulations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural highly pigmented minerals and the power of antioxidants to create beauty with a higher purpose.  Our aestheticians will teach you about the mineral make-up as they provide a flawless application so that you leave Agape looking as good as you feel.  $50* Restrictions: · No Service Substitutions.

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