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  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED – DO NOT ENTER until your mask/face covering is properly secured over your mouth AND nose. Masks should be worn at ALL TIMES within this facility except if advised otherwise during your treatment session. *Gauze or other breathable materials may be utilized as a makeshift mask covering during any treatments that require mask removal.

  • DO NOT ENTER if you have had any of the following SYMPTOMS within the past 2-14 days:

Cough – Shortness of Breath – Difficulty Breathing - Fever, Chills or Muscle Pain - Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea

Sore Throat - New loss of Taste or Smell - Severe Headaches or Fatigue

  • DO NOT ENTER if you have recently TRAVELED out of state or internationally.

  • DO NOT ENTER if you have recently been TESTED FOR OR DIAGNOSED with COVID-19.

  • DO NOT ENTER if you have recently had any KNOWN CONTACT with anyone who recently TESTED POSITIVE for COVID-19.

  • BE AWARE that at the beginning of each & every visit to Agape of Warwick, you will be SCREENED with these same questions.

If you answer YES to any of the screening questions, you will most likely be required to leave and reschedule your appointment

a minimum of 2 weeks out.

  • All persons MUST have a SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT to enter. If you would like to make an appointment or you are interested in purchasing Retail Products or Gift Cards, you may call us at 401-738-1212. *Curb-side pickup is available with pre-payment over phone.

  • ARRIVE ALONE: No children or guests may accompany you to your appointment. (Unless you are accompanying a minor or assistance is medically necessary.)

  • ARRIVAL PROTOCOL: Fortunately we have ample space to allow for proper and safe distancing, so WITHIN 5-15 MINUTES of your scheduled appointment time, you may simply come into our facility with your mask on and secured. Upon entry, please check in with the front desk where you will be advised to adhere to distancing guidelines as you wait in one of our sanitized waiting areas.

If you wish to come in ANY EARLIER THAN 15 MINUTES before your appointment time, please remain in your car, call 401-738-1212 and Dial Option 3 for our Dedicated Arrivals Extension. Our staff will then advise you regarding clearance for entry.

  • MINIMIZE CONTACT POINTS: No large handbags, water bottles or excessive personal belongings should be brought into the facility other than your cell phone, method of payment & paperwork (if applicable).

  • REMOTE PAYMENTS: Although not required, to minimize contact for everyone, you may be asked to process payment over the phone, either before or immediately after your treatment, or through a payment app.

  • QUIET PLEASE: We love chatting with you, but our treatment rooms are small, and during your session, the doors must remain closed. While within the confines of the treatment room, for your safety and for ours, please refrain from excessive talking.

  • PATIENCE PLEASE: Due to increased sanitization protocols and other mandates caused by COVID, we cannot pack patients in as we used to. Spaces required between each appointment mean less overall availability. While we will continue to do our very best to accommodate your preferences, please be patient and flexible when it comes to scheduling. 

  • BE PUNCTUAL: Because of our newer restrictions, it is more crucial than ever that you arrive ON TIME. We are booked precisely for maximum productivity, and unfortunately we have no flexibility for tardiness. If you are late, you will not only miss your appointment, but you will also likely incur a fee.

  • STRICT POLICIES & FEES: All the above limitations have adversely affected our business and made it necessary for us to update our policies and to strictly adhere to potential penalty fees. *As of August 2020, all new and existing patients will receive and be required to sign an updated copy of our policies and fees.

All of these precautions and policies are in place for the benefit and safety of yourself, your fellow clients and our Agape Team.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation! 

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